How I Made 1.5Million Naira In Only 6 weeks Selling Affiliate Products Online And How You Can Copy Me Right Now

All you need is your smartphone and internet connection

Hello, I'm Samuel Jibowu, I teach people how to 10x their income through affiliate marketing

What I want to share with you has made ordinary people millionaires, you could be the next !!!

2021 has been great so far, bringing in some couple of millions but it didnt start this way, as a matter of fact, only some months ago in 2021, back in February & March I still struggled to find a way of earning a decent income online, however one of the things that kept me going is the strong belief & conviction I had in myself to breakthrough.

"The little I had then, I used to buy courses, attended seminars and pay for trainings. One of the things I understood early is to pay for knowledge, If you want to build long and lasting results then you must be willing to pay to acquire the knowledge needed"

One thing that stoodout for me and helped me breakthrough was attending "Akin Alabi(founder Of Nairabet)" seminar this year,

I still remember how I entered a night bus to travel from kaduna to ensure I catchup with the seminar in lagos (That was how bad, I wanted results).

While Ibadan people were shouting, when will Akin Alabi come to Ibadan, I jejely took a night-bus from Kaduna to be there.

If you want something & you want it bad enough, distance & money would never be a problem, you will always find a way.

The principles I learnt from his seminar still helps me till tomorow and I thank God I made that decision.

Few months down the line, I've done multiple 7 figures using just my smart-phone.

Right now, I spend most of my time with my phone and Laptop, making money via the internet.

So, What is this Affiliate Marketing  and how can You start  making money with it from just your smart  phone.

You see, there is so much money exchanging hands via the internet and positioning yourself to recieve this inflow is key.

To recieve this inflow, you need a collector, something that can tap into this flow.

The money flowing through the internet is like a large dam with a huge flow of water, your job is to direct some of that flow to you.

You have to understand that whether you choose to direct some of that flow to you or not, it does not stop the water from being there.

You will only remain broke & beggerly while the wealth of the internet remains there

A collector is your skill & mindset, something you can exchange for money, without a collector, money would pass through your very eyes but would never end up in your bank account.

Money is not meant to be pursued, money is meant to be attracted & collected.

You attract & collect money with your skillset & mindset.

With Affiliate marketing, you can position yourself as a collector, so some of those monies flying through the internet would pass through your bank account.

Let me show you what I mean, between April & August 2021, I did over 4 Million naira  with an average of 1 Million naira steadiliy flowing through my Bank account monthly.




This is because I have a collector, I am an Affiliate Marketer and simply recommend helpful products to people that need them and earn a commision doing so,

All these I do through my mobile phone.

I also want to help you to start earning like I do and I don't want to bore you with long texts.

So, I have put together a free-training where I break affiliate marketing down and teach you how to get started, I  also have a free video to gift to you but you have to qualify.

Read below to see if you qualify


Students who want to start earning a decent income for themselves.

Nursing/stay at home mothers who want to have or increase their income from home.

9-5 worker's who want an extra or side source of income.

People who want to make money online and live at their own terms. 

Or want an extra source of income


This Training is FREE however it would require you to be serious so if you want to become a MILLIONAIRE  from the thin air, without spending a dime or investing your time then I am sorry, this class may not be you you

if you think everything online is a scam then this class might not be for you

If you are an affiliate marketer already, this class is also not for you.

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After the training, I won't leave you alone, I'll also add you to my personal support and mentorship group.

I want to help you succeed.

If you are hungry to increase your income, you will be filled, but first be hungry.

Gracias, see you on the inside

Samuel Jibowu.